Connecting The World One Inmate At A Time

Rick Smith is well rounded in business. Before starting is career, Rick studied intensely at multiple colleges, including the University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology, State University of New York, and the State University of New York at Buffalo. Mr. Smith has an MBA, Bachelors in Engineering, Master’s in Engineering, and an Associates degree. It was important for Rick to have the proper educational background to pursue what he wanted to do in business.

In 1972, Rick Smith started working for global Crossing North America Inc. and held many positions for the company. He ended working there in 1998 and started for Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the Chief Financial Officer. 2 years later (in 2000) he was promoted to President/COO for Eschelon and 3 years later he was promoted again as the president/CEO of Eschelon were he is still serving at. These experiences, and is success at such companies, lead to is getting the CEO position at SECURUS Technologies in 2008. Read more on

SECURUS Technologies connects families and friends to their loved ones who are incarcerated. SECURUS as invested well over $600 million in the telecommunications industry for patents, technology, and even acquisitions. JPay was previously the leader in correction communications, but in 2015 SECURUS bout the company, boosting SECURUS to the top of the market. “We now can offer virtually anything that is high tech/software-based that correction agencies need to operate a modern prison or jail. We have admired JPay as an innovative force in our industry for years, and have watched their continued success. It was an opportune time to combine our products and teams,” Mr. Smith said in an interview with prnewswire.

Under Rick Smith’s leadership, SECURUS has become the most trusted telecommunication service for law enforcement agencies and prisons alike. Releasing development proposals for services and products once a week as been a great help for law agencies to be able to solve crimes and help manage social distortion. Rick also says tat they ave received thousands of e-mails from clients and customers praising the company for their dedication to providing top notch services and for their help in keeping society, as well as inmates, friends, and family safe. Smith says tat safety and security are embedded in the SECURUS DNA as they have the honor to protect and serve the community in helping them be more socially aware and responsible.

SECURUS Technologies is based in Dallas, TX and serves over 2,600 public safety, law enforcement, and correction agencies. Serving more than 1 million inmates across North America, SECURUS as a plethora of services offered to help make the environment inmates live in a safer place to live. View more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Julie Zuckerberg Has Mastered The Corporate World

Julie Zuckerberg is a highly motivated recruiter that has experienced in many high-level corporate positions. Not only does she have a big corporate career, but also a colorful social life. She has interests in animal welfare, social activism, human rights, traveling, cooking and interior decorating. Within her social media profiles, you may see her participating in extreme sports, hanging out with colleagues at the pub, and spending quality time with her animals. When not traveling for pleasure or business, she resided in Manhattan, New York.


Ms. Zuckerberg had obtained her Philosophy degree at City University of New York-Brooklyn College. This college is located in the heart of Brooklyn and is nearby where Julie resides. This institution has a long reputation dating back all the way to 1910. They have many branches that span across multiple locations in New York. This is also one of the first liberal arts colleges in the city.


Julie Zuckerberg‘s corporate career is an inspiration for women that feel held back in a man’s world. She has accomplished so much in the corporate world at such a young age. She is well educated, versed in many marketable skills, is a world traveler and she has an impressive financial profile. She is also dedicated towards charitable programs, especially when it comes to animals.


Julie is the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Deutsche Bank. She has held this position since April of 2014 and she works out of the Greater New York City Area. She recruits Managing Directors for various sectors of the company. She counsels the recruitment team on up to date recruitment strategies to improve staffing efficiency. She also leads diversity initiatives to meet certain quotas of the company. She is also responsible for certain payroll and tax compliance issues that may arise.


Prior to her big job at Deutsche Bank, she started out working for the small law firm of Hudson. For five years, she recruited attorneys, paralegals and other supporting staff for the firm. She was responsible for explaining job duties, employee benefits, and resolving workplace conflicts. She also had the duty to keep up with legal compliance. She was the bridge of communication between employees, management, and customers. When issues arisen between any party, she had to think on her feet to extinguish the issue.


Her longest-lived position was as an Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Consumer Bank. She recruited Directors and Managing Directors to fulfill certain cycles of employment needs. She was also a close advisor to many seniors of the company on recruitment and compensation issues. Sourcing talent internationally, she is well versed when it comes to immigration and taxation issues.


After her long career with Citi, Julie had a stint with the New York Life Insurance Company. As their Hire Recruiting Lead, she as responsible for recruitment roles nationwide. She managed an entire recruitment team that consisted of sources, recruiters, and team project managers. She was very close to the senior management team in order to create certain recruitment solutions.




The Leadership of Rick Shinto and Innovacare Health Services

When it comes to leadership, then one has to exercise the leadership skills fully and work hard to ensure you achieve the objectives of the organization. Innovacare health service is a private company providing health services, and thus their leaders should be well equipped with strategies to provide quality health service to all. Some of the key leaders of this company who have brought changes to the services here are Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.

Rick and Penelope Previous Career Life

Rick Shinto works with Innovacare and is currently the CEO of the Company. In 2008 to 2011, Shinto was working for Aveta Inc. taking the position of the company’s president, and also the CEO leaving only after selling of the Company. He then joined Innovacare health services. Read this article at Open Minds.

Penelope also a partner working with Shinto and also the current Chief Administrator was working for Centerlight Healthcare before joining Innovacare health service. She was the COO of the company taking all the responsibilities of the management and also coming up with strategies to quality health care.

Rick Shinto’s Awards

Rick has been an excellent leader who is very hard working. Rick is the kind of entrepreneur who never despairs come what may. Challenges only act to make him stronger to come up with innovative solutions. Due to his success in different areas like financial management, innovation, and personal commitment, Rick Shinto got awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur annual award in the year 2012. He also received an award from Western University Health Sciences for ensuring the advancement of health services to the disadvantaged. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Innovacare Health Service

Innovacare is one of best Companies providing quality health services to a large population of most disadvantaged, illiterate and poor people in Northern America. They make use of advanced technologies and models ensuring the costs are less expensive and special services to their patients.

Superior Equipment

Rick and the rest of the staff at the company have gone out of their way and comfort to ensure they attract the best medical minds to their Innovacare facility. To that end, expect to receive world-class care and treatment anytime you stop by any of their branches and affiliates spread out all over the nation today. additionally, the premises have also invested a ton of money in making sure they have all the latest, cutting-edge medical equipment serving their esteemed clientele. Eric’s brilliant career is an inspiration to millions of medical students all over the world.

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Who is Igor Cornelsen?

Igor Cornelsen is a great investor who has helped many other investors be successful in making money. He was born and raised in Brazil where he worked as a banker. He became a fund manager and rose in status as one of the nation’s top banker. He worked with the top banks and managed a great deal of the country’s gross economy. Igor knows everything about commodities, economy, companies, and how to make a profit. In the United States, investors listens very carefully to Warren Buffet’s thoughts and stock picks. In Brazil, investors also listened meticulously to Igor Cornelsen.

They have similar philosophy of investing on in long term stocks that are successful and avoid the companies that will not last through the long haul. Igor had a talent for seeing the potential of a stock and the value it will bring in the future. He didn’t just go with the trend or panic when times were tough. This helped maximize the profits of his clients’ portfolio. Igor Cornelsen has retired as a banker in 2010 and is currently living in Florida where he found a new passion in golfing. Not that he lost interest in investing since he still does some consulting for banking and investing corporations at

He works as a proprietor of Bainbridge Group Inc in an advisory role. He gives them tips on how to make proper decisions of picking stocks and funds on Twitter. He constantly focuses on the overall picture of money and the long term investments. His vast knowledge of the investing world is still very valuable. He really knows the landscape of international investing and believes that Brazil’s economy will continue to improve.

Investing in a Volatile Market

There are many people today who are looking for advice on how to build up their investments. Not only is this a good time to start investing, but you need to make sure you’re doing your best to drive growth and change in the market. George Soros is an avid investor who is looking to drive change in the world. Not only does he want to make money, but he also wants to help as many people as possible during the process. He is a great person to work with on a variety of issues that you may have. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people in the field. If you want to get started investing, now is a great time to do so. Learn more about his profile at

Risk and Return

Risk is one of the factors involved with investing. No matter what type of investment you have, there are going to be risks involved in that process. If you want to invest financially in the future, George Soros is a great person to follow. He is always looking for ways to invest to drive growth for the future. Not only that, but he wants to make a positive impact on the world during the process as well. With all of that in mind, he is a great person to work with if you want to learn how to get started. He is always looking to take advantage of various trends within the market today. Sometimes, he starts investing in areas that a lot of people are scared to invest in. However, this is a strategy that has worked for him over time in order to drive up the return that he has on his investments.

Future Plans

If you want to invest for the future, you need to find an investment vehicle that is worth it for you. The key is to balance the risk and the return that you have on an investment. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that have taken place in the economy recently. Not only that, but there are people who know what they can bring to the table in order to drive returns for the future. There are a lot of followers of George Soros who are listening to what he has to say on the economy. If you want to invest with him, he is very open about how he feels.

Visit to know more about George.


Another thing to remember about George Soros is the fact that he is involved with politics. He has a lot of strong beliefs about things that are in the world. With that being said, he really just wants to drive value for others in the future.

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Arthur Becker Talks About His Success Strategy

Arthur Becker is with the Madison Partners, LLC as their Managing Member. This is an investment firm that focuses on real estate as well as Bio Tech ventures that are in their early stages. Previously Arthur Becker was serving as the Chairman & CEO of Zinio, LLC. He has also worked as the CEO of NaviSite. Before that he worked as a senior advisor with the Vera Wang fashion company, reports Since 2011, he is a private investor who is into technology as well as real estate.

While Arthur Becker was with NaviSite and ZINIO, he got very interested in technology as well as real estate. He had already sold NaviSite. Now he decided to expand his interests in real estate. So he decided to invest in the condominium development. He did this in New York City as well as Miami, Florida. He was also fascinated by the bio tech companies that were in early stages. He decided that the paradigms which were evolving in the bio technology can be combined with the economic opportunities in order to impact people’s lives in a big way. This is how Madison Partners, LLC came about.

Arthur Becker believes in having a flexible work schedule. According to, presently, he is involved in completing various Town Houses that are located on Sullivan St. which is in New York City. Next, he will be building a small residential condominium development located in Tribeca.

He likes to work with people who are knowledgeable about their subject, whether it is real estate or technology. Arthur Becker is fascinated by real estate as there are various stages in its development. These range from entitlements to design to financing stage. Next is its actual construction followed by marketing it. Arthur Becker likes to organize and coordinate the work of all these experts.

Arthur Becker ( is intrigued by the latest trends in bio tech, especially the ones that are looking into cancer treatment. He is actively interested in the different approaches being taken here.

He is able to enhance his productivity as an entrepreneur when he is to balance his passion as well as drive with critical thinking.

Women in Power- Betsy DeVos

She has made history in the United States, and she will forever remain in the history books. Betsy DeVos broke the Senate vote on her nomination as the Secretary of Education in the United States. Although she has been opposed by many as unqualified, she will remain to a history maker in the United States of America.

DeVos was born in 1958 in Elisabeth Prince in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She was born in a business oriented family where her family was a businessman, and he made a lot of fortune from his business where he sold auto parts. His brother is the founder of Blackwater USA which is a government service company; he was also a Navy Seal and a CIA operative. Ms. DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, and together they have been managing g the Orlando Magic Basketball team, and they also have a stake at the Chicago Cubs. For an extended period, Betsy and his husband have been donors and supporters of the Republican Party. They are also co-founders of West Michigan Aviation Academy. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

After her high School graduation, Betsy DeVos proceeded to Calvin College and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics in 1979. She is a lucky woman as a freshman she won the student’s Senate seat without any vote. Her family and her husband’s family have been generous givers of the college, and they have been honored by naming two college buildings to their names. She has been involved in politics. Ms. DeVos is the former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party. According to records, Betsy and her husband have significantly contributed to the support of political groups. In 2006 she was a Republican governor nominee. DeVos was also a member of the Michigan State Board of Education. Check this related article from

Recently Betsy DeVos was elected the Secretary for Education a position that was opposed by many, but she managed to win. Most groups claimed that she did not have any formal experience in classrooms or even in public schools. Betsy DeVos is not only an entrepreneur, and a politician but she is also a philanthropist who has been contributing to the well-being of the society. She has been known as a school champion by providing private-school vouchers to families. In an interview conducted in 2013, DeVos said that she much interested in school choice and breaking the cycle that holds students to their family homes, instead she is an advocate for freedom. She established a foundation, The American Federation for Children which a non-profit organization which is an alliance for school choice. As the secretary for the education, she is in efforts to advocate f or God’s Kingdom in the education sector. In an interview, she mentioned that changing g the approach of the education system will have greater kingdom gain at the end. She stands for Mathew 25.

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Securus Out-innovates Competition Yet Again With The WCS

I recently got to reading about an entire industry that I didn’t even know existed. There are third-party telecommunications companies that jockeyed for position to get government contracts in order to provide services to jails and prisons. One of these companies has been in the news a lot lately for the unethical treatment of prisoners and their families. The other telecommunications giant has been in the news recently for reducing crime within prisons, better connecting prisoners to their families and friends, and for their brand new innovation — the Wireless Containment Solution.


The bad company in the press for the unethical treatment of prisoners is called Global Tel-Link. This company manages to wedge themselves between prisoners and their families in order to make more than $500 million per year. The New York Times recently lambasted the company for taking advantage of love. It seems that Global Tel-Link doesn’t do a whole lot for society. They offer prisoners poor call quality, super high prices and terrible customer service. This essentially cuts the prisoner off from the outside world which has been shown to increase crime rates once the prisoner is released into the general public.


At first, I was all for treating prisoners harshly. But it turns out that the ethical treatment of prisoners and their families is a public safety issue. By supplying prisoners with ample opportunity to talk to the outside world, we essentially reduce crime rates. That’s why I am now an advocate for a company called Securus.


Securus is Global Tel-Link’s biggest competition. But instead of providing terrible call quality and charging high rates for it, they go the other direction. They offer stellar services including video chat. The prices they charge are reasonable and they are easy to pay with the newly acquired JPay Technology. And most impressive of all, the company runs the largest customer service call center in the industry.


The company not only reduces crime rates by connecting prisoners with their families through telecommunications, they also assist law enforcement with their technology. The Wireless Containment Solution puts a virtual shield over a prison. Contraband cell phones cannot penetrate the shield in order to connect to a network to make a call or text. This prevents criminals inside the prison from communicating illegally with the outside world. The prisoners are forced to make phone calls through the Securus network which records all telephone calls to create a searchable database for law enforcement.


How to Achieve Healthy Hair

Every woman can attest to the fact that having healthy hair is important. You tend to have more confidence when your hair is healthy and well maintained compared to those whose hair is unkempt and unhealthy. You have to eat a balanced diet to achieve healthy hair. Healthy eating makes the hair stronger. You need to take good care of the hair always. Hair needs to be washed regularly with good quality shampoo and the right conditioners. You should moisturize your hair deeply to avoid breakage.

Many of hair care products are manufactured for women’s’ hair. Always ensure you choose products that suit your hair type and needs. You can also decide to use natural products to achieve healthy hair. This can be achieved by coming up with hair treatments at home using natural products. You need regular treatment using a good brand for your hair to be healthy and free from breakage.

Wen is a company by Chaz Dean, that deals with hair products. Products made from this company include shampoos, conditioners, and styling product. WEN products make your hair shiny and healthy. Wen products have the capability of can restoring your hair and making it healthy.

Wen has a healthy hair kit that comprises of shampoo, treatment, moisturizer, and styling products.

It is significant for a woman to have healthy hair. Maintaining your hair is not an option when you are a woman. Your hair speaks a lot of things about you and your character. It is possible to achieve your dream hair regardless of the type and condition of hair you have.

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