Dick DeVos’ Involvement in Charity Demonstrates His Commitment Towards Making the World A Better Place

Betsy DeVos advocates for high-quality education for all children, their area of residence and socioeconomic level notwithstanding. She runs the U.S. education ministry as the secretary. She has relinquished all her foundation duties to concentrate her energy on this high-profile post. She shared with the PhilanthropyRoundtable about the challenges and strides that the school choice had made since its inception. Betsy DeVos said that she was confident with the growth of the school choice program. According to her, nearly 250,000 children are pursuing a top-notch education in over 33 public funded, education-choice programs.


About Dick DeVos


Dick DeVos has built an exciting career as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, operational manager, educational reformist, and investor. His incredible entrepreneurial journey revolves around holding managerial posts at Orlando Magic, Amway International, and The Windquest Group. As the former chief executive of Amway International, DeVos was responsible for operations and all aspects of management in 50 nations across six continents. During his final year of service, the company recorded sales of $4.5 billion.


In addition to DeVos’ involvement in making key decisions at leading companies, he has led and supported many community projects. He came up with Education Freedom Fund, a renowned foundation that offered more than 4,000 grants to deprived children living in Michigan. Those needy students were sponsored to pursue an in-depth educational course at West Michigan Avian Academy. DeVos has been a key member of the esteemed State Board of Education. Serving as the chairman of many healthcare projects in the Grand Rapids area, Dick DeVos oversaw the upgrading of a $212 million Convention Center, a $30 million Downtown Market, and a $75 million Downtown arena.


Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation


Dick and Betsy DeVos have shown that they are faithful servants by participating actively in community affairs. They donate towards causes like education, Justice, arts, youth development, and leadership. They support these causes through Dick and Betsy Foundation, which they started in 1989. Since its establishment, this organization has doled out millions of dollars to many entities, including the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and Rehoboth Christian School.


Arts Funding


Since 2009, the Foundation has been a sponsor of an art contest known as ArtPrize, which is held in Grand Rapids. It dedicated a whopping $22.5 million to the DeVos Institute of Arts Management, previously called the Kennedy Center Institute of Arts Management. This Institute trains board members and arts managers on main steps of professional development in the U.S.


To learn more about Dick DeVos, visit http://dickdevos.com/.

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