Goettl Air Conditioning recently announced the procurement of Walton’s Heating and Air a family-owned business, in a deal where the financial details remain disclosed.The deal allows Goettl to start solidifying their presence in California and for Walton’s to develop beyond what owner Todd Longbrake could achieve on his own. Longbrake confesses that the family-owned business was not profitable.

Longbrake was reluctant when Goettl expressed interest in buying Walton’s in 2015. However, after hearing about Goettl and its owner Goodrich, Longbrake decided to go ahead with the purchase.The procurement was concluded in mid-2015, and the company has grown tremendously. Longbrake is the sales manager and field supervisor.Goodrich stated that Todd has adapted into the company culture and is a leader within the whole organization.

Goodrich withheld the announcement of the acquisition until the beginning of the week, due to operating issues in Walton’s and marketing problems. Since the purchase, the company is facing a promising future, and with the expertise of employees, they continue to serve their clients as best as they can.

Goettl has 306 employees, and because of the acquisition, it looks to add 200 jobs, especially in Phoenix and Tucson, the company’s largest markets. Its other market is Las Vegas. According to glassdoor.com, the acquisition enables Goettl’s commitment to providing clients the best technicians in the industry. Walton’s team of highly experienced specialists enhances Goettl’s ability to continue to develop and provide the highest quality air conditioning services to their clients.The company’s goal is to make Goettl a national brand noted Goodrich. He added that they intend to expand into northern California and then Texas in 2018.

Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is an industry pioneer. Gust and Adam Goettl created the Phoenix area’s premier evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC unit to fight desert temperatures. Since its establishment in 1939, they have become one of the most trusted names in the industry, performing well through years of changes in technology and the HVAC business. The company provides exceptional air conditioning and heating services throughout the Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California areas.

Goettl is a firm dedicated to all of their customers. They are committed to providing the best in home improvement solutions, from matching clients’ homes with the right sized and cost air conditioner to a well-maintained heating system to an efficient duct system and indoor air quality system, Goettl strives for homes to be as safe and comfortable as possible.


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