Norman Pattiz’s Leadership in PodcastOne

PodcastOne is United States’ leader in Podcast-advertising supported services. It was founded by the radio personality Norman Pattiz. PodcastOne network presents over 200 popular podcasts and over 300 hours of original programming.

A podcast is a streamed or audio show downloaded content. When you advertise on podcast, the audio content is embedded with ad information about your service or product, any customer feedback regarding the use of your product or services and listeners are allowed to make orders.

Podcast Advertising Research and Results

Podcast advertising popularity has grown in the recent years. It is efficient and significant in increasing brand awareness. According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz the CEO of the PodcastOne together with Edison Research’s vice president Tom Webster began a research that tested the effectiveness of the method of advertising.

They involved five major consumer brands with different product and service portfolio. It was the first campaign brand awareness conducted in the last half of 2016 for podcast advertisers. Mr. Norman and Weber recently announced the results and clearly, it showed a substantial positive impact on recall of specific messaging, intent to buy, and brand name and services recall.

The ability of customers to recall a particular grocery by name and the services or product it offers increased. In the automobile industry, the awareness of specific aftermarket campaign messaging increased by sixty percent.

The casual dining restaurant awareness shoot by 76 %. Also, the consumers’ ability or intent to buy a product improved. After the study, consumers’ response to an automobile aftermarket product moved from being favorable to being very likely to consider buying. The financial services awareness increased tremendously.

Some of the brands were lesser known than others while others intended to launch new messaging. The online surveys conducted before and after podcast advertising campaigns showed that the podcast audience receptive to brand messaging increased and their willingness to use a service or product from the five brands went high.

Norman’s Career History in Radio Industry

Norman has been in the media industry for over three decades. He has been recognized by the Library of American Broadcasting and inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He founded the Westwood One, a big player in the entertainment industry.

Westwood One has managed and distributed radio network such as CNN Radio, The Super Bowl, and NCAA Basketball among others. The Forbes magazine also featured him in the May 2016 under the Global Change Makers issue column, where he shared valuable information regarding his successful career.

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