US Money Reserve’s New Informative Television Show

New Direct Response Television Show by US Money Reserve

According to Crunchbase, the US Money Reserve has launched a new show named “2016 Gold Summit”, featuring moderator Larry King. US Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of legal tender products both in the US and other foreign countries. The Gold Summit is a 28 minutes show which will take place in California and Los Angeles. The show also features other panelists among them Michael Reagan, Brad Castillo, John Rothams and Philip Diehl.

The panel is composed of members with the capacity to delve into the critical aspects of the precious money markets. The eldest son of President Reagan, Michael Reagan sets the pace of the discussion by providing an insight that mirrors the belief of his father. Ronald Reagan openly supported the notion that all Americans should have an equal investment opportunity in the metal field. Afterward, Larry King joins the panelists to moderate their different views on the benefits, impacts, and effects of owning precious metals.

They further push the discussion into the implications of investing in metals with the current global financial markets and the impact of the United States’ dollar in the entire business. Information provided in this show is crucial for investors and citizens with interest to own the precious coins, as well as government and financial institutions operating as reserves or agencies in the trade.

According to the CEO of US Money Reserve, Angela Koch, 2016 Gold Summit Show is a proof of the production team’s hard work which is also clear in their efforts in uniting the living legends Larry King and Michael Reagan in the program.

The other panelists in the show are professionals working in different capacities at US Money Reserve. The combination of these hosts and the panel on the show ensures that viewers receive in-depth knowledge of precious metal markets across the globe and its impact on various economies.

US Money Reserve is a private company operating in the United States. The company specializes in trade of precious metals among them gold, bronze, and silver. Under the leadership of former US Mint Director, Philip Diehl, US Money Reserve specializes in high quality US federal-provided legal tenders.

For better customer satisfaction, the company offers training and guidance on acquisition and trading of precious metals. Customers also enjoy regular updates on the current rates for the precious metals. Information provided significantly helps dealers and investors seeking opportunities to deal in gold, silver, and platinum. Customers have a money back guarantee of up to 30 days, fast delivery, and full-time customer service.

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