Arthur Becker Talks About His Success Strategy

Arthur Becker is with the Madison Partners, LLC as their Managing Member. This is an investment firm that focuses on real estate as well as Bio Tech ventures that are in their early stages. Previously Arthur Becker was serving as the Chairman & CEO of Zinio, LLC. He has also worked as the CEO of NaviSite. Before that he worked as a senior advisor with the Vera Wang fashion company, reports Since 2011, he is a private investor who is into technology as well as real estate.

While Arthur Becker was with NaviSite and ZINIO, he got very interested in technology as well as real estate. He had already sold NaviSite. Now he decided to expand his interests in real estate. So he decided to invest in the condominium development. He did this in New York City as well as Miami, Florida. He was also fascinated by the bio tech companies that were in early stages. He decided that the paradigms which were evolving in the bio technology can be combined with the economic opportunities in order to impact people’s lives in a big way. This is how Madison Partners, LLC came about.

Arthur Becker believes in having a flexible work schedule. According to, presently, he is involved in completing various Town Houses that are located on Sullivan St. which is in New York City. Next, he will be building a small residential condominium development located in Tribeca.

He likes to work with people who are knowledgeable about their subject, whether it is real estate or technology. Arthur Becker is fascinated by real estate as there are various stages in its development. These range from entitlements to design to financing stage. Next is its actual construction followed by marketing it. Arthur Becker likes to organize and coordinate the work of all these experts.

Arthur Becker ( is intrigued by the latest trends in bio tech, especially the ones that are looking into cancer treatment. He is actively interested in the different approaches being taken here.

He is able to enhance his productivity as an entrepreneur when he is to balance his passion as well as drive with critical thinking.

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