Securus Out-innovates Competition Yet Again With The WCS

I recently got to reading about an entire industry that I didn’t even know existed. There are third-party telecommunications companies that jockeyed for position to get government contracts in order to provide services to jails and prisons. One of these companies has been in the news a lot lately for the unethical treatment of prisoners and their families. The other telecommunications giant has been in the news recently for reducing crime within prisons, better connecting prisoners to their families and friends, and for their brand new innovation — the Wireless Containment Solution.


The bad company in the press for the unethical treatment of prisoners is called Global Tel-Link. This company manages to wedge themselves between prisoners and their families in order to make more than $500 million per year. The New York Times recently lambasted the company for taking advantage of love. It seems that Global Tel-Link doesn’t do a whole lot for society. They offer prisoners poor call quality, super high prices and terrible customer service. This essentially cuts the prisoner off from the outside world which has been shown to increase crime rates once the prisoner is released into the general public.


At first, I was all for treating prisoners harshly. But it turns out that the ethical treatment of prisoners and their families is a public safety issue. By supplying prisoners with ample opportunity to talk to the outside world, we essentially reduce crime rates. That’s why I am now an advocate for a company called Securus.


Securus is Global Tel-Link’s biggest competition. But instead of providing terrible call quality and charging high rates for it, they go the other direction. They offer stellar services including video chat. The prices they charge are reasonable and they are easy to pay with the newly acquired JPay Technology. And most impressive of all, the company runs the largest customer service call center in the industry.


The company not only reduces crime rates by connecting prisoners with their families through telecommunications, they also assist law enforcement with their technology. The Wireless Containment Solution puts a virtual shield over a prison. Contraband cell phones cannot penetrate the shield in order to connect to a network to make a call or text. This prevents criminals inside the prison from communicating illegally with the outside world. The prisoners are forced to make phone calls through the Securus network which records all telephone calls to create a searchable database for law enforcement.


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  1. Securus more recently in order to reduce crime within prisons, better connecting prisoners to their families and friends, has launched their brand new innovation, the Wireless Containment Solution. Unlike its counterpart, Global Tel Link, top essay services in Australia and this article spoke about the unethical treatment of prisoners and their people. Even when it comes to charges, Securus are fair.

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